2019 Nostalgia

Hey fellas, BookWormShamit here. This is the first official blog of my site(Yay!!!) . But, this blog is going to get extremely emotional. This blog is about the nostalgia of 2019!!! Comparison of life in 2019 from life in 2020… Oh man! I already miss 2019. Here’s a quick question: Do you like 2020 or 2019 better? Comment about it in the box.

My chores in 2019:-

1) Wake up at 6A.M

2) Get ready till 6:50A.M

3) Reach school till 7:30A.M

4) Study, Study Blah Blah Blah.

5) Back home till 2P.M.

6) Blah Blah Blah Part 2

7) Sleep till 9P.M.

My chores in 2020:-

1) Wake up at 7A.M

2) Take Online Classes from 8A.M to 11A.M.

3) Blah Blah Blah Part 3

4) Sleep till 12A.M.

Yep!!! I like 2020 better!!!

But I also liked 2019.

My mind is in a huge mess!!!

Well, this is it for now… I take your leave now.



Thanks for the Boost-Up

Hey fellas, It’s me BookWormShamit… First of all, thanks for the support and boost-up guys. Too much happiness for a new blogger. Can’t handle it… Anyways, thanks for supporting me guys. It means a lot to me. Will never forget it.



The Secret of Getting Ahead is Getting Started – Mark Twain.

Hello everyone, it’s my first blog post… Feeling a little nervous but, I’m sure we could make a great team… Starting a blog really isn’t easy, specially in a lockdown! But, let’s just go with the flow… I’m sure, you must be starting to feel a little bored now… Okay, Okay.. A lot bored…. Just came to tag you that stay tuned for more posts like this.

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