Exams are here!!!

Hey fellas, BookWormShamit here….. So, yes, I know I haven’t been posting for a while now but……. It is because of a reason…… Exams!!!! I know you would’ve guessed it….. But, I was free and getting bored,so I thought I might as well write down a blog…… Okay, okay… These were the formalities, now let’s come down to the point, tomorrow, I have my Maths Exam and I am really ready for it….. Thanks to my father, I’ve been studying Maths from every book my father could find in our house!!! My father’s usually cool and does not worry about grades or exams but, when it comes to Maths Exam, no one’s worse than him….. He just goes hyper the second he listens about the so called “Maths Exam”. Now, U am finally free(that too because he had some work to do). Well, I just wanted to share this with you… If you can relate to this, Write it down in the chat box….

This is BookWormShamit, signing out.



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  1. All the best for your exams! I don’t know if I can actually relate, since I like Math *everyone stares at me with shock*
    Everyone: Whaaaaaaaaaat????
    Me: You better believe it!😂
    But I guess I would relate if it’s another subject. My parents don’t help/force me to study though. I just study myself. I prefer self-study, that also without teachers. If I have the textbook and the classwork, I’m set.🤣
    Anyway, good luck!

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  2. Same to same…it happened to me many times..few subjects makes parents crazy as these had been their favourite subjects once upon a time 😀😀😀

    Truly, some time it helps to clarify few doubts which are not done in classroom.

    All the best for your exams!!!!!

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