A New Beginning

Hey fellas, BookWormShamit here…. Either, you would be wondering why I am posting a blog in the middle of exams or….. You don’t care….. You’re just reading this blog ’cause you’re getting bored…. Probably the second one…. Anyways… If you are active on WP, then you might know that i haven’t posted in a while or….. You just didn’t notice… Again, probably the second one… I’m boring you, right?…. Most of you would have already stopped reading this blog….. Ok, Ok… I’ll get to the point….. What I wanted to say is that I had actually lost interest in this….. See, I’m not a very “patient” person….. I just keep jumping from one activity to another…. I actually have a long list of everything I’ve done, got a little good at, and then lost interest…. I’ll sum ’em up…. Behold, me exposing myself:-

1) Karate:- I reached the yellow senior belt… And then one fine day, I just lost interest.

2) Skating:- Same old story…. New activity

3) Cricket:- Okay, finally something that wasn’t completely my fault…. Actually, the 4 hour Cricket training was affecting my studies.. And in my father’s eyes study is the top priority….. So, he shifted my class from Mon-Fri to only Sat-Sun…. Eventually, I lost interest again…. Unpredictable, am I not?

The same effect applied on blogging too….

Finally, I am setting you free from this super-boring blog in which I exposed myself…. Gosh… I think I exposed myself too much…. I’ll “try” to post blogs regularly😉😉😉. Okay… This is getting cringy….. I’m outta here.

8 thoughts on “A New Beginning

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  1. It’s the same with me too! I too started skating (by my own) but lost interest. Started Karate but got too tired of it. And I have tried to learn God knows how many languages but always the sudden interest gets finished after some time😁


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