Gone Trekking Again

So, I and my family went to a trip again…. I don’t know why but I get this feeling that whenever I’m going to score a Three-Day Streak in posting a blog….. I get dragged away from my computer for some reason…. But, the good thing that happened in this trip was that I got filled with ideas… The kind of ideas I was running short of as mentioned in my last post.

So, what happened during our trip, you ask? Well, I grabbed a couple of novels I wanted to re-read during the trip…. So, the travel wasn’t so boring… When we reached our hotel in Kasauli(The place we visited but I didn’t mention once in my blog), we rested in our room for the rest of the day. The next day, we went for a walk in the morning of 2-3km. Then, we got dressed and went for the Gilbert trek…. I clicked some photos of the view from the trek… I’ll post them at the end of the blog…. After that day, we went back to our home, the travel back to our home wasn’t very pleasant…. If you ever got motion sickness, You’d know what I’m talking about…. That was all that happened during the trip… Here are the photos I promised:-

Well, this is all for now… This is BookWormShamit, signing out.

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