Desires: One should have? Or Not?

Hey fellas, BWS here and today, we’re going to dive into our thoughts at the ‘spiritual level’…… So, buckle up, take all the oxygen you want because THIS is going to be a DEEP dive.

So, today, I and my parents were watching a video of my father’s friend which came on my father’s WhatsApp….. Apparently, he’s also a spiritualist and during the lockdown….. He resumed his habit of posting such videos… In the video we were watching, he said that desire is a foe of man and one shouldn’t have any….. Then, to justify what he just said…. He started narrating an incredibly boring story of some farmer who lived 100s of years ago….. I don’t remember it but it’s moral was to not have any desires…..

If we take a look in India’s teachings also… It is said that one shouldn’t have any desires and be happy in what they have… I don’t completely agree on this teaching… According to me…. Life is a journey which should be enjoyed and if something makes you happy… There is nothing wrong in achieving it… I know the real moral of the topic is, “One should be happy with what they have”, but, according to me, the way in which the teaching is described isn’t fully right… Now, I’m not enforcing these thoughts on anyone… These are just my views on the topic… If we just ask ourselves, “Why do we live?”, It is a question with almost no answer other than one… To achieve one thing or other…What I think is that desires are the fuel which give us the motivation to live… One should be happy with what they have… But that doesn’t mean that one shouldn’t have desires… If we think… Achieving life’s purpose is also a kind of desire. So, I don’t think that having desires is wrong.

Well, these are my viewpoints on the topic… I’m saying again… I’m not enforcing these ideas… Just telling my views.

Well, this is all for now, this is BWS, signing out!!!

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