My First Poem

The dark figure,


It hides in the shadows.


It makes his move when I least suspect,


It attacks everyone around me, swift and direct.


I still remember our neighbor’s cat with all its insides out of its body,


It lied lifeless on the ground just like my friend Jody.


Jody, she always kept quiet no matter how much I talked,


I still remember the dark figure throwing her off the roof as I tried to run towards her but couldn’t even walk.


After all I’ve witnessed, I still can’t understand that when I look in the mirror,


Why do I look like the dark figure?




So, hey fellas BWS here… This is the first poem I’ve ever successfully written…. Every time I started a poem, I left it in between… So, technically, this is my first poem I’ve written… If you like it, let me know and if you don’t… Please don’t troll me… Especially you, SNF.

Oh and I forgot to tell you who SNF is…. He is actually my school friend and ex-classmate… You can check out his blog here

This is all for now… This is BWS, signing out.

Something that popped up in my head

Soo… I made a meme long time back and today as I taking my online class, this meme popped up in my head…. Yeah, I know it’s weird because I had no inspiration for this meme…. It just popped up in my head and I thought… It would make a nice meme…. Tag this to that annoying friend of yours.

It’s Mother’s Day!!!

Hey fellas, BWS here, and I’m going to be serious… I DID NOT have ANY idea that today was Mother’s Day until today morning when I woke up. What?! Don’t blame me!!! Our house has been SUPER BUSY for the past few days AND it was a situation in which not only did I forget Mother’s Day, I didn’t even notice Mother’s Day coming close on the calendar!

Now, what happened today morning was that, I woke up and washed my face and then my mother said, “Today is Mother’s Day”, and I was like, “Wait, what?!”. I usually plan a surprise for my mother on Mother’s Day every year and this year, I was like, “Oh Shit! What am I going to now?!”. Thankfully, my father came to the rescue and now we have planned to order Dinner from outside and give my mother a rest from cooking today. It isn’t as special as it is every year but at least I was able to ARRANGE a surprise.

Whew, it was a close save… Well, this post is a little smaller than usual but I hope you guys liked it… This is BWS signing out!!!

Something BIG is coming on my Site

Hey Fellas, BWS here and today I wasn’t getting what should I put in the title… So, here it is, the summary of my blog is now also the title of my blog.

Anyways, you would know that I haven’t been posting on the site for a while or, you don’t care and you haven’t noticed my absence until I mentioned it…. Probably the second one.

So, I’ve been working on a book these days and SERIOUSLY, it is SO hard, I mean, I write a few lines and then I delete it and write something else, then I delete it again and write something else… Anyways, I was planning to write a short story of 30-50 pages but now I don’t even know if I’ll even make to 25 pages…. If I’m ever able to finish the book, I’ll publish it.

Also, I’m going to give a full makeover to my site and change it’s appearance… For that I’m going to make it’s visibility private… So, stay tuned for that.

Well, this is all for now and I’ll meet you all in the next blog… This is BWS, signing out.

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