It’s Mother’s Day!!!

Hey fellas, BWS here, and I’m going to be serious… I DID NOT have ANY idea that today was Mother’s Day until today morning when I woke up. What?! Don’t blame me!!! Our house has been SUPER BUSY for the past few days AND it was a situation in which not only did I forget Mother’s Day, I didn’t even notice Mother’s Day coming close on the calendar!

Now, what happened today morning was that, I woke up and washed my face and then my mother said, “Today is Mother’s Day”, and I was like, “Wait, what?!”. I usually plan a surprise for my mother on Mother’s Day every year and this year, I was like, “Oh Shit! What am I going to now?!”. Thankfully, my father came to the rescue and now we have planned to order Dinner from outside and give my mother a rest from cooking today. It isn’t as special as it is every year but at least I was able to ARRANGE a surprise.

Whew, it was a close save… Well, this post is a little smaller than usual but I hope you guys liked it… This is BWS signing out!!!

2 thoughts on “It’s Mother’s Day!!!

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  1. Aww…That was so sweet of you to give your mum a day off… Mothers are super multi-masking…Their schedule is way too busy and tiring than ours…It’s great to see them smile when we give them a hug after their tiring day…Even this small gesture of love towards them can make their day…Happy mother’s day to all those beautiful mothers who do everything for us❤️❤️

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  2. People- Happy mothers day
    BWS- Close to mess, Uhh I was saved
    SNF- on 10th of may – Happy mothers day mum
    Mum- What! you are so late.
    SNF- Aaareee ye number 9 ‘manhoos'(unlucky) hota hai that is why I wished you on 10th.
    People- Wah! modi jo wah…

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