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My First Poem

The dark figure, . It hides in the shadows. . It makes his move when I least suspect, . It attacks everyone around me, swift and direct. . I still remember our neighbor’s cat with all its insides out of its body, . It lied lifeless on the ground just like my friend Jody. …. Continue Reading →

Something that popped up in my head

Soo… I made a meme long time back and today as I taking my online class, this meme popped up in my head…. Yeah, I know it’s weird because I had no inspiration for this meme…. It just popped up in my head and I thought… It would make a nice meme…. Tag this to… Continue Reading →

It’s Mother’s Day!!!

Hey fellas, BWS here, and I’m going to be serious… I DID NOT have ANY idea that today was Mother’s Day until today morning when I woke up. What?! Don’t blame me!!! Our house has been SUPER BUSY for the past few days AND it was a situation in which not only did I forget… Continue Reading →

Something BIG is coming on my Site

Hey Fellas, BWS here and today I wasn’t getting what should I put in the title… So, here it is, the summary of my blog is now also the title of my blog. Anyways, you would know that I haven’t been posting on the site for a while or, you don’t care and you haven’t… Continue Reading →

Desires: One should have? Or Not?

Hey fellas, BWS here and today, we’re going to dive into our thoughts at the ‘spiritual level’…… So, buckle up, take all the oxygen you want because THIS is going to be a DEEP dive. So, today, I and my parents were watching a video of my father’s friend which came on my father’s WhatsApp…….. Continue Reading →

Hot n Fresh post!!! Comin’ Up!!!!

So…. Hey fellas… BookWormShamit here… I don’t know why I put the title as “Hot n Fresh post…. Comin’ Up!!!!” You know… It kinda implies that it’s an announcement of a post coming up in a while…. Anyways(I really gotta stop saying ‘anyways’ after every line).. I noticed that almost every Book-Logger(Short form for Book… Continue Reading →

Broken WP

So… Some of you must be wondering why I haven’t posted for a while….. Well… I did post blogs but…. They just vanished from my site without any trace and I don’t know why….. It seems like WP is broken…. So, I’m gonna repost one of my blogs for now…. So…. Enjoy!! If I were… Continue Reading →

An Interesting Post

The second post on my blog today…. Two days before, I wasn’t even getting 1 idea for a post and now it seems like I’m overflowing with ideas. I really should go to trips more often…. Well, today we are going to talk on the topic which only 20% of the people will find relatable……. Continue Reading →

Gone Trekking Again

So, I and my family went to a trip again…. I don’t know why but I get this feeling that whenever I’m going to score a Three-Day Streak in posting a blog….. I get dragged away from my computer for some reason…. But, the good thing that happened in this trip was that I got… Continue Reading →

No ideas

Ok, I’m gonna talk to the point….. I’m not getting any ideas on which I could write my blog on…. So, till I get some ideas, here’s some pictures I took of our balcony garden this morning…. (Thanks to the AI Camera) The photos are just an inch away from being presentable…. Anyways… Here they… Continue Reading →


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