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My First Poem

The dark figure, . It hides in the shadows. . It makes his move when I least suspect, . It attacks everyone around me, swift and direct. . I still remember our neighbor’s cat with all its insides out of its body, . It lied lifeless on the ground just like my friend Jody. …. Continue Reading →

Something that popped up in my head

Soo… I made a meme long time back and today as I taking my online class, this meme popped up in my head…. Yeah, I know it’s weird because I had no inspiration for this meme…. It just popped up in my head and I thought… It would make a nice meme…. Tag this to… Continue Reading →

It’s Mother’s Day!!!

Hey fellas, BWS here, and I’m going to be serious… I DID NOT have ANY idea that today was Mother’s Day until today morning when I woke up. What?! Don’t blame me!!! Our house has been SUPER BUSY for the past few days AND it was a situation in which not only did I forget… Continue Reading →

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