It’s Mother’s Day!!!

Hey fellas, BWS here, and I’m going to be serious… I DID NOT have ANY idea that today was Mother’s Day until today morning when I woke up. What?! Don’t blame me!!! Our house has been SUPER BUSY for the past few days AND it was a situation in which not only did I forget Mother’s Day, I didn’t even notice Mother’s Day coming close on the calendar!

Now, what happened today morning was that, I woke up and washed my face and then my mother said, “Today is Mother’s Day”, and I was like, “Wait, what?!”. I usually plan a surprise for my mother on Mother’s Day every year and this year, I was like, “Oh Shit! What am I going to now?!”. Thankfully, my father came to the rescue and now we have planned to order Dinner from outside and give my mother a rest from cooking today. It isn’t as special as it is every year but at least I was able to ARRANGE a surprise.

Whew, it was a close save… Well, this post is a little smaller than usual but I hope you guys liked it… This is BWS signing out!!!

Desires: One should have? Or Not?

Hey fellas, BWS here and today, we’re going to dive into our thoughts at the ‘spiritual level’…… So, buckle up, take all the oxygen you want because THIS is going to be a DEEP dive.

So, today, I and my parents were watching a video of my father’s friend which came on my father’s WhatsApp….. Apparently, he’s also a spiritualist and during the lockdown….. He resumed his habit of posting such videos… In the video we were watching, he said that desire is a foe of man and one shouldn’t have any….. Then, to justify what he just said…. He started narrating an incredibly boring story of some farmer who lived 100s of years ago….. I don’t remember it but it’s moral was to not have any desires…..

If we take a look in India’s teachings also… It is said that one shouldn’t have any desires and be happy in what they have… I don’t completely agree on this teaching… According to me…. Life is a journey which should be enjoyed and if something makes you happy… There is nothing wrong in achieving it… I know the real moral of the topic is, “One should be happy with what they have”, but, according to me, the way in which the teaching is described isn’t fully right… Now, I’m not enforcing these thoughts on anyone… These are just my views on the topic… If we just ask ourselves, “Why do we live?”, It is a question with almost no answer other than one… To achieve one thing or other…What I think is that desires are the fuel which give us the motivation to live… One should be happy with what they have… But that doesn’t mean that one shouldn’t have desires… If we think… Achieving life’s purpose is also a kind of desire. So, I don’t think that having desires is wrong.

Well, these are my viewpoints on the topic… I’m saying again… I’m not enforcing these ideas… Just telling my views.

Well, this is all for now, this is BWS, signing out!!!

Broken WP

So… Some of you must be wondering why I haven’t posted for a while….. Well… I did post blogs but…. They just vanished from my site without any trace and I don’t know why….. It seems like WP is broken…. So, I’m gonna repost one of my blogs for now…. So…. Enjoy!!

If I were to ask you what courage is? Then most of you would say that having courage is performing dangerous activities without feeling scared but what if I then ask you what is it being a daredevil? You would notice that the definition of these two terms in your minds is more or less same…. But, this is not true… Having courage is facing your biggest fears in your life head-on…. The reason I’m writing this blog is because I just realized that I don’t actually have courage…. You see, my parents just changed my school because they weren’t satisfied with the level of study taught in my old school so, they simply changed it… They simply changed the school I was studying in for the last NINE YEARS for “my BETTERMENT”…. Sorry, I still am a little angry at them for doing so…. I know they only want my good but….. Anyways, back to the topic…. I realized I didn’t have any courage when I wasn’t able to tell my classmates about it… So far, only 2 people know that I’m switching schools…. I didn’t have the courage to tell them this…. They all were so excited for going to the 9th grade that I wasn’t able to gather the courage to tell them this and I don’t know if I will be able to gather the courage to tell them…..

Anyways, this is all for now, this is BookWormShamit, signing out.

An Interesting Post

The second post on my blog today…. Two days before, I wasn’t even getting 1 idea for a post and now it seems like I’m overflowing with ideas. I really should go to trips more often….

Well, today we are going to talk on the topic which only 20% of the people will find relatable…. Why is it so? You’ll find it out later in the blog… By the way, shout out to the 20% people(if anyone is reading this).

Today we’re gonna be talking about the people who are tortured the most in the war between coffee-lovers and tea-lovers…. The people who like both of them(I’m included in that category).

Why is it so? It’s because I still recall a discussion(more like a debate but we’ll stick to discussion so that they don’t feel bad) that was taking place last year in my class in the Lunch-Break between my friends… You see, we are a trio of friends…. And the topic of the “discussion” taking place was “Tea Vs. Coffee” and when they decided to settle the “discussion” by votes(that’s how most of our problems get settled), I was in a real fix. I saved myself that day by dodging the question but it could have gotten bad that day.

Well, this is all for now and this is BookWormShamit, signing out.

A New Beginning

Hey fellas, BookWormShamit here…. Either, you would be wondering why I am posting a blog in the middle of exams or….. You don’t care….. You’re just reading this blog ’cause you’re getting bored…. Probably the second one…. Anyways… If you are active on WP, then you might know that i haven’t posted in a while or….. You just didn’t notice… Again, probably the second one… I’m boring you, right?…. Most of you would have already stopped reading this blog….. Ok, Ok… I’ll get to the point….. What I wanted to say is that I had actually lost interest in this….. See, I’m not a very “patient” person….. I just keep jumping from one activity to another…. I actually have a long list of everything I’ve done, got a little good at, and then lost interest…. I’ll sum ’em up…. Behold, me exposing myself:-

1) Karate:- I reached the yellow senior belt… And then one fine day, I just lost interest.

2) Skating:- Same old story…. New activity

3) Cricket:- Okay, finally something that wasn’t completely my fault…. Actually, the 4 hour Cricket training was affecting my studies.. And in my father’s eyes study is the top priority….. So, he shifted my class from Mon-Fri to only Sat-Sun…. Eventually, I lost interest again…. Unpredictable, am I not?

The same effect applied on blogging too….

Finally, I am setting you free from this super-boring blog in which I exposed myself…. Gosh… I think I exposed myself too much…. I’ll “try” to post blogs regularly😉😉😉. Okay… This is getting cringy….. I’m outta here.

Finally 13!!!

Hey fellas, BookWormShamit here…. I have been waiting the entire year for this day!!! It’s finally my birthday today. I’ve turned 13 today!!!

I’m going to have a lot of fun today!!! (Obviously, not the kind of fun I had before the lockdown on my birthdays but it will do) The most exciting thing about it is that this time my parents planned a surprise for me…. At 12 A.M today, my parents woke me up and took me into the other room in our house, it was fully decorated with a beautiful cake and we partied and ate the cake, in the morning, my parents gave me a beautiful birthday card and a birthday cup to me as a gift…. They told me that they had no more surprises planned but I doubt they have more surprises and have kept them hidden from me….. I don’t know how this day is going to unfold but I am really excited about it….

This is all for now, this is BookWormShamit, signing out.



“This Cannot get any Worse”: The most dangerous phrase

Hey fellas, BookWormShamit here. So, this is a Personal Experience blog… I don’t know what struck my mind when I decided to blog on this topic but… Why not? I don’t know why but I am seriously doubting myself if writing this blog is a good idea or not…. Anyways, I’m going off topic here…. So, let’s just get started.

“This Cannot get any Worse” is the most dangerous phrase I have ever experienced… I mean whenever I say this… Things really get more worse…. For example:

My Birthday Parties….. The whole incident started in 2016(long time ago… ) I threw my first Birthday Party and it went ridiculous… Half people didn’t show up, The Cake didn’t arrive on time and the party was pretty boring… I couldn’t help it!! I finally said, “This Cannot get any Worse” and guess what!!! I couldn’t throw a birthday party for the next 2 years!!! Yes, you heard it right!! Why!! Because in 2017, my birthday was on Diwali and in 2018, my birthday was on Dusshehra(They are festivals if you don’t know) In 2019, I was finally able to throw a party and it went even worse than the party of 2016!!! Because I got a scoulding from my parents on my Birthday!!! I was stupid enough to say it again!!! And in 2020,I can’t throw a party due to lockdown…

I know, I know I am going too emotional.. I just can’t help it when I talk about it…. And this was just 1 example, there are many more cases like this which I have experienced…. I can’t believe I talked about it again. Now all the bad memories will come back to me….. Just 1 warning…. Never say the phrase… No matter what!!

Well, this was it for today, this is BookWormShamit, signing out.



2019 Nostalgia

Hey fellas, BookWormShamit here. This is the first official blog of my site(Yay!!!) . But, this blog is going to get extremely emotional. This blog is about the nostalgia of 2019!!! Comparison of life in 2019 from life in 2020… Oh man! I already miss 2019. Here’s a quick question: Do you like 2020 or 2019 better? Comment about it in the box.

My chores in 2019:-

1) Wake up at 6A.M

2) Get ready till 6:50A.M

3) Reach school till 7:30A.M

4) Study, Study Blah Blah Blah.

5) Back home till 2P.M.

6) Blah Blah Blah Part 2

7) Sleep till 9P.M.

My chores in 2020:-

1) Wake up at 7A.M

2) Take Online Classes from 8A.M to 11A.M.

3) Blah Blah Blah Part 3

4) Sleep till 12A.M.

Yep!!! I like 2020 better!!!

But I also liked 2019.

My mind is in a huge mess!!!

Well, this is it for now… I take your leave now.



The Secret of Getting Ahead is Getting Started – Mark Twain.

Hello everyone, it’s my first blog post… Feeling a little nervous but, I’m sure we could make a great team… Starting a blog really isn’t easy, specially in a lockdown! But, let’s just go with the flow… I’m sure, you must be starting to feel a little bored now… Okay, Okay.. A lot bored…. Just came to tag you that stay tuned for more posts like this.

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