Hot n Fresh post!!! Comin’ Up!!!!

So…. Hey fellas… BookWormShamit here… I don’t know why I put the title as “Hot n Fresh post…. Comin’ Up!!!!” You know… It kinda implies that it’s an announcement of a post coming up in a while…. Anyways(I really gotta stop saying ‘anyways’ after every line).. I noticed that almost every Book-Logger(Short form for Book blogger… Let me know if you like it or it’s cringy) on WordPress is reviewing one book…. Keeper of The Lost Cities(KOTLC). It was like every Book-Logger had this craze of reviewing this series and about me? I never heard of this series in my entire life until…. Some of my ‘other’ book-loving friends told me about it and couldn’t stop ranting about what a masterpiece the series is….. For all those who don’t know… I’m a huge fan of Thrillers and don’t give these Fantasy books much attention…. But…. This one did catch my attention…. So, I decided to research upon it…. I’ve researched about the author till now and am going to research on the plot tomorrow…. Bye-Bye for now!!!!!!

So, this is BookWormShamit of the next day and I do find the plot intersting….. A human girl who has to leave her home behind and enter a new world!!! Sounds interesting…. Now… I’ll read some reviews on the series on Google…. Can’t trust my friends on this one…. Will meet you guys tomorrow… Byee!!

Helllloooo again!!!! This is BookWormShamit of the next day!!! (Again) and after reading reviews and shielding myself from many many many spoilers… I’ve finally decided to buy and read them!!!(if my father agrees to buy them for me) You guys would be wondering… What if I didn’t find them interesting and didn’t decide to read them… Well… You guys won’t be reading this post right now if that happened…. It’s actually ironical how I decided to read and review a book AFTER reading other reviews!!! So…. I looked up these books on Amazon… And boy are they EXPENSIVE… If my father buys them…. These are going to be the most EXPENSIVE books I’m going to read…. I wonder if my father will buy them…. But hey… Let’s be honest… If my father refused… You won’t be reading this post right now…. So, here’s the plan…. I’ll beg to my father to buy me the books… If he refuses…. I’m going to emotionally blackmail him a bit…. That should work… You guys would be thinking that I’m going to blackmail my father for a book?! So, the answer is…. Yes and I’ll never feel guilty for this… So the joke’s on you!!(If you’re against me for this and even of you are…. No offense) .

Yayy!!!!!! BTW, this is BookWormShamit from the next day… And my father agreed to buy me the set of the first five books in the series!!!! They’ll arrive till tomorrow and I AM EXCITED!!!!

Finally!!!!!This is BWS(BookWormShamit in a short form… I was getting sick of writing the full name again and again… Let me know if you like this name) from the next day… And the books have just arrived!!!!!! Here’s the pic!!!

Ignore the background

Soooo….. This is BWS from the next day…. I just finished reading the first book…. It’s currently 2:30A.M so…. I don’t have much energy left right now….. Well…. I’ll just review the first book….. The book is about and Elf named Sophie Foster who is a telepath and had lived with humans for her entire life…. But, it all changes when she meets another elf named Fitz Vacker…. She is forced to leave her whole family and all the people she knows and live in a new world…. A world where she belonged…. I know the review is very short but…. If I tell any more, then I’ll just spoil the whole novel for you….. Read it yourself…. There are many twists and turns in the novel and is an emotional rollercoaster.

Hellloooo again!!! This is BWS from the next day and I’m just here for the outro…. Sorry BWS from 7th day…. I tried a new way of reviewing a book….. Let me know if you like this way better…. And do check out the site of my ex-classmate Priyamvada….. She just hit 15 followers and is a GREAT blogger… Do check her out.

Well…. This is all for now…. I’ll post soon reviewing the second book… Sadly… The next four reviews will be in the normal format as they came in the set and there is no point in repeating the same story again…. But hey!!!! You guys know me I’ll come out with something new(hopefully I do… It took 2 days to think this)… This is all for now… This is BWS…. Signing out!

Book Review Again!!!: Letter to The World from a Naive Mind

Hey fellas….. BookWormShamit here….. So, today I’m going to review a book which is not a Thriller or a Murder Mystery. I have mentioned it before that I am a Die-Hard fan of Thriller and Murder Mysteries and prefer reading these two genres BUT… I think it is time for a change. You would have read the title of the book from the heading and I know I’m late for this book and that it was published a while ago…. But, anyways let’s start!!!

This book is written by Potterheadaanya, who also is a blogger(I don’t even know why I had to write that… You guys knew that already). This book is a letter by Potterheadaanya to her future-self and what she thinks of the world from the Point of View of her 12-year old mind. The book starts with a beautiful poem of Rudyard Kipling. Then, the book states what the author thinks about life and shares her thoughts about what she thinks of this Generation and how she wants to improve the future of the Next-Generation. She then talks about what she really is from inside and believes that one day she will have the courage to show it to the whole world…… It is a beautiful book and I recommend you all to read it and experience the book yourself…..

Well this is all for now from my side….. This is BookWormShamit, signing out!!!

Guess the topic for the next blog post….



Book Review Returns!!!: The Curious Incident of The Dog in The Night Time

Hey fellas, this is BookWormShamit, and all of you are welcome to the official second book review of this site….

So, first of all, I’m sorry that I haven’t posted a blog for some time(Okay, I agree, it has been a while since I posted a blog). Well, I’m back to blogging, so, let’s start!!!

So, sorry for the title of the blog being so long. You can just focus on the “Book Review Returns!!!!” part……. So, the author of this book is Mark Haddon. The book is about a boy named Christopher(The Main Protagonist) who doesn’t lie no matter what and has never lied in his entire life…. He lived with his father and his mother had died in an accident…. One night, he discovers, his neighbour’s dog, Wellington laying lifelessly on the ground… He was murdered!!! Christopher decides to investigate and reveal who the murderer was…… As he investigates the murder of Wellington, he has no idea what he will find and it will change his life….. I’ll not blow up the cover of the story……. I’d recommend you to read it yourself and feel the intensity and suspense of the book.

Well, this is all for today…… This is BookWormShamit, signing out.



Book Review: The Headless Ghost

Hey fellas, BookWormShamit here, and welcome to the first official book review of my site(Yippee!!). If you don’t know, I am a die-hard fan of thriller and horror books. That’s why we are going to review a horror book today… You probably would have seen the title but then too, The Headless Ghost….. It is a book from the series Goosebumps(Which Turns out to be my favourite). Anyways, let’s start. The book is about Duane and Stephanie who love to take trips in The Hill House. It is said to be haunted by a Headless Ghost and the biggest tourist attraction in their town. Stephanie is bored of taking the normal trip, so they decided to trespass into the prohibitted part of the house and try to find the missing head of The Headless Ghost. What they don’t know is that The Ghost is on their trail and they are going to get in a deep-deep trouble…. The story of the book is amazing and suspenseful. That’s why I am not going to reveal the end of the book and ruin the fun… The book is very interesting. You won’t lose the interest throughout the read…. It is Spin-Chilling and a great book for horror lovers. I’d give the book 4/5 points.

Well, this is it for now… Will be back with some more reviews like this.

This is BookWormShamit signing out.



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